Anton Chekhov. Kashtanka / Антон Чехов. Каштанка

Anton Chekhov. Kashtanka / Антон Чехов. Каштанка


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The prominent story about the dog named Kashtanka written by Anton Chekhov.
Kashtanka is a nice dog who has been separated from her owner and roams the cold streets. A man finds Kashtanka and takes her back to his house. This man is a clown and also has a pet duck and cat that he trains to perform in the circus. Kashtanka is brought to the circus. She has the first trick. But her past owners see her and quickly call her name. Kashtanka is reunited with the home and the clown and his circus become a distant memory.


Pages: 48
Language: Russian
Product dimensions: 140 x 235 mm