Wooden children's toys

Russian wooden toys

Wooden toys are classic among children's toys. Material "wood" gives a comfy feeling of comfort and peace. That is why the wooden toys so enjoyable for playing. The history of the production of wooden toys began in antique time. When our ancestors carved the simple wooden figures for kids' games. Modern wooden toys still very popular, as they are made from environmentally friendly and natural material the wood. They are pleasant to touching, ideal for little hands, develop tactile and fine motor skills, and bring the children a genuine pleasure.

Wooden children's toys

wooden children's toys

Wooden baby toys

Wooden baby toys are not only toys which teach kids to compare, consider, develop observation skills and fine motor skills. Long ago, Russian nesting doll has become one of the most popular gift items in the world. Big-eyed beauties in colorful sundresses will decorate the room and bring a lot of fun in the children's games. They are pleasant for touching and excellent fit for little hands.

Look at our wooden children's toys: there are different options for dresses and colors, you may select a family of your own. And kids will enjoy playing with the Russian toys!

Русские деревянные игрушки в США

Деревянные игрушки – это классика, игрушки, которые были, есть и будут всегда. В незапамятные времена отцы и деды вырезали из дерева для забавы детей простейшие фигурки зверей, деревянные кубики и пирамидки. Эти русские игрушки были долговечными и любимыми, потому что дерево источает уютное тепло и дает ощущение покоя.

Wooden children's toys
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