The grey neck. Russian fairy tales / Серая Шейка

The grey neck. Russian fairy tales / Серая Шейка


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The story for kids about a little duck named Grey Neck, about friendshipб support and help.
Once upon a time a duck named Grey Neck saved the hare, who was attacked by a fox. Bunny was alive and well, and the fox interrupted duck wing, and she was unable to fly to the south with the rest of the birds. There was Grey Neck winter in the ice-hole, which is freezing every day, becoming less and less. And the fox got into the habit to come to the ice-hole, waiting can get a duck. Grey Neck had to fight for their lives to escape the cunning of a fox, but thanks to the friendship with the bunny, she managed not to become dinner for a predator red.


Pages: 40
Language: Russian
Product dimensions: 295 x 220 mm